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Ina ist Newborn I Schwangeren I Familien Fotografin in Wien



My name is Ina Manuguerra and I am also the mother of 2 little boys. Since 2008 I have been working as a make-up artist for photographers, advertising and Austrian film productions and at the beginning of 2015 I fell in love more or less by accident with photographing baby bumps and babies :-)

Pregnant women and these little creatures have a very special fascination for me. They are surrounded by a wonderful, almost enchanted aura. In my first pregnancy and the first time with a baby everyone said to me: enjoy this time, it is so unique and precious and it goes by so quickly. And that's true. That time was so wonderful and I think it's the best time in the life of a woman and her child. This bond between mother and child, this fragility of this wonderful little creature, this “magic” of the newborn passes so quickly. And that's exactly why I have so much pleasure in sharing a few moments with you during this wonderful time and being able to capture the most beautiful moments from it for eternity! I'm looking forward to seeing you! Cu soon ;-) Ina

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